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Recently I purchased a few polishes from Dainty Digits Polish. Included were 2 polishes from her Galaxy Collection, 3 Jellies with random glitters, a SwOx Box which consists of 5 polishes picked based on need, a Hi-Gloss Top Coat, and a water marble aid. Upon receiving the box, I realized there was CANDY in my box!!! Yes, that’s right, candy accompanied my box of polish. I couldn’t wait to dive right in!

The 5 polishes I received for the SwOx Box were “Scarlet”, “Granny Smiff” (love the word play), “Spring Fling”, “Banana Pudding” (Scented Polish), and “Dutch Cocoa” (Scented Polish). I was gitty that I received scented polishes, and immediately opened “Dutch Cocoa” and took a big whiff. To my surprise, it smelled like traditional nail polish. I guess it smells once it’s dry.

I had to start off with “Scarlet.” My German Shepard/Saint Bernard puppy’s name is Scarlett, so I wanted to swatch that one first. This is a very bright red polish that would be perfect for doing a “Pond Manicure”. The polish went on smooth and only needed 2 coats to become opaque. I topped it off with the Diamante Hi-Gloss Top Coat. I immediately fell in love. Application and removal were a breeze. Check out the glossy finish in the picture below!


The second polish I tried was called “Granny Smiff.” It’s fun saying it out loud! This apple green shimmer polish was opaque in 2 coats, and I topped this swatch with the Dimante Hi-Gloss Top Coat. The application was once again smooth, and in some of the macro pictures I took, you could see a micro blue/green holographic glitter, which is beautiful! So far, I am enjoying this brand of polish!


The third polish from the SwoX Box I tried was called “Spring Fling”. This lime green/yellow jelly has a TON of neon colored circle glitters in it. I honestly don’t have much experience with glitter filled polishes and decided to give it a whirl. After the first coat, I noticed I wasn’t too fond of polish with chunky glitter, as it seems I can never place them where I want, but I kept layering. After the second coat, I found the disbursement of the glitters was more even and was basically opaque. I decided to top this with one of my favorite main stream top coats, Seche Vive. It gave the polish a gel-like effect. After using this polish, I am starting to enjoy glitter filled polishes!


Now we can get into the scented polishes. This is my first time working with them, and I was curious if there would be an underlying “Nail polish” smell. After three coats of the banana yellow, it was opaque. I waited for a while to apply a top coat, as I thought it would mask the smell. Once dry, it smelled so sweet, and so much like bananas that my husband even asked, “What smells like pudding?” Overall, scented polishes are fun! I topped with Dimante Hi-Gloss top coat and was pleasantly surprised I could still smell the polish once the top coat dried.


The fifth polish in the SwOx box was “Dutch Cocoa”, another scented polish. After working with “Banana Pudding” I wanted to see how long it would give off the smell. So I used two coats, and then my main stream top coat, Seche Vive, and left this mani on over-night. Surprisingly enough, in the morning, my fingers smelled like hot chocolate and I was craving for some marshmallows!!


Overall, my experience with the SwOx Box was a positive one. After posting a few of my swatches to Instagram, Anetress started re-posting my posts to her page! I became a little bit fan-girlish, and was unable to stop smiling!! I just want to thank you Anetress, you gave me a boost of followers and some very good insight to becoming a swatcher!

While my current giveaway only consists of main stream polishes, my next one just may include polishes from Dainty Digits!!!

Below are some macros, and brush shots of the above polishes! Enjoy!

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